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Kuran Malhotra pursues numerous personal and professional interests. As someone who takes an active role in various industries, Kuran Malhotra not only takes time to educate himself on his interests, but dives in to take a proactive approach. While Kuran had always taken an interest in the Spanish language, it wasn’t until he studied abroad in the Basque Country of Spain that he became engulfed in the desire to learn the Spanish language. With this, and many other interests and skills, Kuran has been able to provide financial literacy education to Spanish speaking entrepreneurs.

About Kuran Malhotra

Kuran Malhotra is a graduate of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. At Georgetown he obtained a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and was on the Dean’s List for his majors in Finance and Operations & Information Management. In addition to his majors, Kuran also obtained a minor in Economics. During his experience at Georgetown, Kuran was able to use his education and experience to work alongside private companies and nonprofit organizations aiding in business expansion. Kuran Malhotra can be found on a variety on online platforms including: Medium , Crunchbase and WFMJ. Continue to follow Kuran on a variety of digital networks - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Today.com..


Spanish as a Second Language

While studying abroad in Spain, Kuran found a love for the Spanish language. He became fluent during his time of working on a local farm while pursuing his studies in business. Being fluent in Spanish has allowed Kuran to provide native Spanish speaking entrepreneurs in the United States with guidance on starting and growing their businesses. He takes pride in assisting these entrepreneurs as they navigate the challenges of starting a small business, and has worked closely with members of the NJ Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Washington, DC Department of Small and Local Business Development, and other such organizations.

The Future Is Now

Importance of Technology

Kuran is a firm believer in technology education. His interest in programming and website development began at Montclair State University in New Jersey. Developing websites has become a fun passion stemming from an online portfolio that was a class requirement while in school. Kuran’s coding experience extends through HTML to CSS, Javascript, Python, C++, VBA, SQL, and Ruby on Rails. After having learned these languages for fun and furthering his education, Kuran has used this knowledge on everything from website development and bookkeeping to developing financial procedures for companies. Kuran believes that access to technology education is extremely important, whether just learning basic languages and skills, or moving into the tech world as a developer.

A Picture Says 1000 Words

Kuran Malhotra On Photography

Kuran loves expressing himself and the world around him through photography. Having been a photographer for many years, he has an eye for beautiful and stunning images. He specializes in monochrome photography. In addition to being featured in local publications and museums, such as “The West Essex Tribune”, and the Montclair Art Museum, Kuran conducted private photo shoots, and worked as a fashion photographer for a local business. Kuran learned that photography is not just a hobby, but a way to express himself with a lens as his medium.

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Universal Communication

Music as Another Language

Music is another medium through which Kuran can express himself and communicate with those around him. Kuran Malhotra learned to play the piano to become more involved in his love for music, in addition to his want to always learn new things. Playing music is calming for Kuran and it is also something everyone around him can enjoy.

Foodie Forever

Experiencing Life Through Food

Cooking from home is not only healthy, but is a great way to create delicious meals while experimenting with new flavors. However, eating the best food New York has to offer is Kuran’s favorite way to get the full experience of new and exciting dishes. The best food, from the best chefs in the world, can be found in restaurants right around the corner. Dining out gives Kuran access to not only the best that chefs have to offer, but also the blending of the old and the new in cultures from around the world.


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